TME Tuesday: sing about songs

One of the things that I love doing is to write therapeutic music experiences (TMEs), and I love writing TMEs that go together in thematic ways. I have always loved writing music for educational enrichment purposes, and I've studied the use of music for incidental learning for ages, so all of my interests merge in my sing about songs

Each edition of sing about songs has a specific theme and all of the TMEs center around that theme. I've tried to find ideas that can be adapted for use for preschoolers and for my adolescents. I've also tried to figure out TMEs that therapists who work in other settings as well can use during their music therapy sessions with their clients.

One of the things that I always include (and that I LOVE finding) is a list of songs from all over the world of music. All of the songs have something to do with the theme, and I've enriched my own music library so much by making these lists. There is something for everyone, and those songs help me figure out additional ways to include the theme into my sessions. 

At this point, I am getting ready for the first new edition in quite a long time. I usually start the process by brainstorming (of course) based on a topic that I've identified. I search through my TME database to see what I already have written, and I start to look through my other resources. I think I'll add a reference list from other music therapy sources to this next edition. I don't think that would be a violation of copyright - to cite a place or reference where MTs can find other resources. Hm. Need to check on that. 
Each of the TMEs is also a stand-alone experience for clients, so therapists don't have to be theme-based in order to use the compendia (the plural of compendium - I love Latin!). I simply find it easy to arrange if I start with a common topic. I may go with a collection of motor skill or social skill development TMEs for the next edition - uniting TMEs around a common goal domain may be a bit more relevant to the non-themed therapist.

Interesting thoughts for this Tuesday morning. 

If you are interested in learning more about sing about songs, please feel free to comment here or on the website. New edition is coming soon!



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