Forty-Five Minutes

I have forty-five minutes to go until I leave for work. I am tired. There is one more week until the time change, Spring Break, and a week of sleeping. I hope that I will feel less exhausted once break is over, but history tells me that I won't. Forty minutes to go until I leave for work. I decided not to stress about putting together a job application that is officially due today. I will work on it this weekend. I didn't get the invitation until 3 days ago, so I don't think that things I've written in three days are as put together as things I write with six days worth of contemplation and review. So, I will continue to work on things this weekend. If I don't get considered for the job, that's okay with me because I didn't plan on applying - it was an invited application... Thirty-eight minutes to go until I leave for work. I am hoping that I will finish my documentation for this week this morning because I have not done much on that task this week. This is

Thoughtful Thursday: Books That Have Influenced My Music Therapy Practice

I am trying to be a bit more intentional in my writing this week, so here is a topic that I hope you all will like - the books that have influenced my music therapy practice over the past "ahem" MANY years. Some of these books are music therapy texts, others are not. There have been many different books that have made me think a bit more about who I am and what I do with my clients. Here they are, in no particular order... Music In Therapy , edited by E. Thayer Gaston, published in 1968. You can find a copy at this link here . The influential part of this book, for me at least, Chapter Two, Processes in Music Therapy by William W. Sears. This was one of the first things that I really understood when I encountered it as an undergraduate, and it still has deep meaning for me. I am lucky enough to own a physical copy of this book, and I am meaning to reread this chapter. It reminds me that there is so much more that music does than just fill the brain with stimuli. I think I wou

Wednesday - It Shows Up Every Single Week, Doesn't It?

I feel more ready for my Wednesday than I have for a long time. The migraine that started on Sunday seems to be mostly over - we will see - and it is cold again. There is snow on the ground after a 60 degree F change in temperature in the last 12 hours. I am sure that the snow will be gone in most places after about two hours of sunshine, but this was a good reminder that it is still February. This is my busiest day. I see six groups during the day, finish things off with a faculty meeting, head to the post office, and then finish the day with my next job. I will head home, speak to family, and then crash into bed to sleep before getting up to do things all over again. I am not in a good place for writing these days. I am not sure why, but it seems that my brain is foggy right now. I don't know if this is the last bit of the migraine or if it is due to brain fog, but there is something going on. My sister and I were talking about this phenomenon recently. This is not something that

TME Tuesday: Throwing Myself Into a Tail Spin

Tuesday. I did not go to work yesterday because of a migraine that started on Sunday morning during the worship service I led. I spent yesterday sleeping before heading to my Occupational Therapy appointment. The headache is a bit better today, but it is not finished - as my medication is wearing off, it is coming back. I have to head to work today. I have no choice. So, I am thinking it will be a sunglasses day in the music therapy room today. Oh dear. I have five groups today to get through. I was going to do some work on the Note Neighborhood with my students, but I am not sure if I will be able to work through these plans. I have to figure out something, though, because I will have about 40 clients who need something to do during their music therapy time with me. I also want to write some TMEs today but I'm not sure the brain will cooperate. Blech. Will these things happen? Who knows what will go on once I actually get to work. At this point in the day, I am just hoping that my

Sentimental Sunday: Post 1711 - The Must-Do and Want to Do Lists - December 15, 2017

Good morning. After two days of seriously angry attitudes and just feeling like everyone and everything outside of my home was stupid and set to make me even angrier, I think I am coming out of the mood - we will see, though. I haven't left home since Friday afternoon, so I am not sure if my anger issues have receded or just been unchallenged. Today's foray into the world will let me know if I am actually doing better or not. My random number generator spat out post #1711 for consideration today. I went back into the archives and found this post from December 15, 2017 - titled "...The 'Must Do' Rather Than the 'Want To Do' List. "  I am always a bit amused when I read past posts because they remind me that I am always struggling and striving to grow in many areas. This post tickles my fancy because it reminds me that I try really hard to be organized and to get things finished up in a logical manner but... I haven't used my "want to do"

Thoughtful Thursday

I made a donation today to help save part of music therapy history. It wasn't a huge donation because I can't really do that at the moment, but it was something. It was something more than I was thinking I could donate. It is interesting that AMTA is going to crowd funding for things like this, and these types of money requests are confusing me right now. Why is this happening? I make no secret on my blog about how I feel about the directions that AMTA has decided to take in the recent years. I am still a member for the sole fact that I am not quite ready to give up my internship program. I do not feel like many of the views and opinions that AMTA currently promotes are representative of my own views or opinions, so I am a bit uneasy about being a member. I have pulled away from the music therapy community due to lots of screaming voices that do not seem to care about anyone other than themselves. So, I am coming to this particular post from a particular viewpoint. I love histo

The Last Wednesday 12-Hour Day

Today is a 12-hour day schedule at my school job. We have these days every so often where we are required to stay for longer than our contracted hours to accommodate parent/teacher conferences or professional development. When these days happen on Wednesdays, it is always challenging for me since I have a Wednesday evening job already and cannot do the full 12 hours on Wednesday evenings. We have one last 12-hour day on our calendar, and that is on a Thursday, so I will be able to stay for the entire time on that night. The number of evenings we have to stay late have decreased significantly with our new administration. We used to have 10 of these nights per year! TEN! It was ridiculous, and we put an end to that since our school district only has 4 of these nights as part of our contract time. We had 6 extra night obligations that no one else in the district had to do. We now match the district expectations, and that is very helpful, especially for me. I am not an evening person. At a