Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blogging is an art...

...and I am not the best at it. Okay, updates are in order. Since the word "me" is in the title of this blog, I'll focus just on me for a time. I know, egocentricity rears its ugly head. Indulge me, please.

I have been sick since November with a brief hiatus in March. I have decided that sinus infections are cruel and unusual, especially when followed up by tonsillitis and bronchitis. I am tired of being on medications and then getting sick as soon as the meds are gone. Boo-hoo!

My job has become much more challenging as of late. The students have changed, but music therapy is still the job for me. The actual work keeps changing. I find that the changes make me constantly reevaluate my own growth as a therapist. I am now finding myself in the position of relearning music therapy from a different perspective. It is interesting. My population has dual challenges - developmental as well as psychiatric. The typical psychiatric platforms do not work well with kids with developmental challenges. Talk therapy is not always feasible with a child with autism and intermittent explosive tendencies.

In addition to the population changes, the employment environment has also changed, adding additional issues. Enough said.

I think that all of these challenges are being placed on me for a reason right now. Possibly trying to make me grow as a person, a therapist, or both.

We shall see.