What I Have Accomplished This Week

My "co-worker" judging my writing!
I need to celebrate something that is going on in my life, so I am going to write a bit about what I've actually done this week...this VERY long week full of rapidly changing circumstances and full of the unknown.

Oooh, now I am singing the Panic at the Disco version of Into the Unknown from Frozen 2 - my favorite song from the movie - the PatD version, NOT the Idina Menzel version for some reason - but I digress.

This has not been the best spring break for me for many reasons, not the least of which was the global pandemic that is happening around us all. I started my break in a preparation for a medical procedure that did not happen because I seemed to be in a feverish state when it was due to start. I don't think I had a temperature, but the nurses would not listen and I panicked and burst into tears because this meant that all the anxiety and bad dreams and panic attacks have to be rescheduled because I was having a facial flush (NOT a TEMPERATURE!). Then my family members accused me of doing it on purpose which was NOT the right tone to take with me in the middle of all the disappointment and anxiety, but they thought they were making things better...

Anyway, let's try to find what I have done this week...
  • Met with a financial planner - I had my first consultation with a financial planner this week. I am clueless when it comes to saving for retirement. I do it, but I have no idea how all that stuff works. My sister wants to stop teaching in 7 years, and she has this idea that I'll stop at that time as well. I want to make sure that I can afford to do that since my financial status will be significantly different from hers. My planner seems to think that I can do it with some small changes on my end. So, off I go into some more assertive financial security!
  • Started my stuff purge - I have cleaned out several large totes of materials that I haven't looked at for years. I've thrown out my old stereo, my sandwich grill, some music therapy materials that were half finished but are now not needed, my old VCR and some of my tapes, all of my old class notes, and some of my former research projects. I am going through my textbooks to see what I can donate to various places and what I can use in some art. I've filled up my craft desk and then emptied it again. I have put away all the half-finished projects that I was preparing for the Midwestern Region conference that is now cancelled.
  • I have cleared and reloaded bookshelves in my dining room area. One bookshelf includes all my music therapy textbooks. One bookshelf has all my art materials. The other two are works in progress but will eventually be a combination of work and art stuff. I am placing all the music materials that I have in the other set of bookshelves that I have. That migration across the family room is taking me longer than expected.
  • I've upgraded my video production software so I am ready to start producing materials for my clients (if that is what we have decided to do). I am also going to be working on some videos for music therapy students and interns to utilize during these times.
  • I keep fighting with the cat over who gets to sit in the good chair at the computer desk. She seems to think that it is hers and sneaks herself into it when I get up to get a drink of water or whatever.
  • I have taken naps.
  • I have watched lots of television, including the news which I usually avoid because of all things governing, to find out what is happening.
  • I've burned lots of candles.
Those are the things that I've accomplished this week.

I received word yesterday that I am supposed to report to work on Monday. I'm not sure what we will be doing as our residents are still on an extended break, but we are supposed to be there to find out what the plan will be. I am glad to know what to do on Monday, but I am a bit nervous of what my administrators will require of us. 

But, I can't be dwelling on possibilities right now. I need to be firmly rooted in reality and just do what I can do right here, right now.


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