Flaking Off Friday

The BEST thing about summer is that I get three-day weekends (almost) every weekend! I am starting my first three-day weekend right now - after an hour long Windows update. I laminated some projects and read my Bible (seven Psalms this morning!) while I waited for Microsoft to finish up the things they wanted to change about my computer...

Anyway, all that is finished now, and I am getting started with my morning routine.

I updated my bullet journal, took my daily medications, laminated my projects that were awaiting lamination, watched some fun television (I love The Good Place and Legends of the Monkey King at the moment), and am now contemplating some breakfast.

Today is going to be a day where I do what I want to do and not necessarily what I need to do. There is a big difference between those two (in my mind, at least). At some point during the weekend, I need to upload new music to my iPod, solidify my session strategies for next week (it's CENTERS week), do a load of laundry (but only one!), grocery shop, and cook some food for later, but I may not do any of that today. The only thing I have to do today is go to the chiropractor for an appointment.

I love days like today.


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