May the Fourth

One of the very best things about my job is that I can do what I want to do when I feel that something is going to be beneficial to my clients. Unfortunately for them, that also means that I can subject them to my favorite things every so often. This was one of those weeks.

Today is May the Fourth!

May the fourth be with you, always!!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, my apologies for taking you on this journey because I am a Stars Wars fan!
(This is me in my Naboo Pilot's helmet that I got for free from someone who knows how much I love these movies and the continuing saga!)

This week was the week where I get to show my constant devotion and fandom to this movie franchise to my students. Namely, I brought in my R2-D2 interactive toy and played with him all week.

My sister asked, "What do you actually DO with him during music therapy?" Well...we play with him. (That's not good enough - come up with a therapeutic goal, QUICK!) We work on communication goals - the rhythm of asking him to do something in enough time that he can understand what we are asking, but slow enough that we can enunciate the specific phrases. We work on frustration tolerance and coping skills - he doesn't always do what we ask. We work on social interaction - asking nicely, even when we are feeling frustrated. We work on visual tracking when he goes off wandering on his own. We play instruments for him - he turns his head around when he hears sounds. (Okay, that's enough to justify a week of playing with my most treasured toy!! I bet I could find more reasons, though, if I really sat down and thought about it!)

I have always loved those movies, and R2-D2 is my favorite character. I have lots of things that remind me of these movies - my kitchen timer is an R2-D2 timer. My alarm clock is a Darth Vader Lego clock. I have a group of Star Wars Potato Heads in my bedroom. I have an R2-D2 stein and a BB-8 interactive droid (mini). My Pez dispenser collection is almost complete, and I have several obscure Tsum Tsum characters as well. The best part? I haven't spent much money on these things at all! They have been gifts from people who know of my love.

Why do I love these movies so much? I'm not exactly sure, but I think it has lots to do with when it was introduced to me. I'm old enough that I have seen every movie of the franchise in the theaters - seriously - every movie. The first time around, my parents took us to the drive-in. I was seven. They thought I would fall asleep, but I didn't. I watched every single moment, and I was hooked.

There is something about the tale that just pulls me in - a touch of romance, lots of mystery, thrills, strange creatures, but the music is the best part for me.

I'm selfishly glad that John Williams wrote the music for Star Wars. His music is everything that I love about music - great brass lines (I play the cornet), significant thematic material, excellent orchestration to go with the visual content on the screen. If there is something I love more than Star Wars, it is John Williams! We will see if John Powell, the composer for Solo, does a good job with the music for this movie. The good news is that John Williams collaborates and offers thematic material for these other composers to use in their own film soundtracks.

(I saw him in real life once - didn't speak to him since he was across the audience at a concert that I attended - but I saw him in real life!)

I bought a ticket to see Solo this time around. I am going to an evening movie on the last night of school - premiere night for my town! I will be sitting in seat H13, and I am so looking forward to it! I spend quite a bit of time soaking in the story and how each movie fills in different pieces of the overall galaxy of tales. I enjoy learning more and more about the characters.

I have my criticisms of the movies, of course, but I really do enjoy each one. Most of my criticisms come when things are not true to what was said in other movies - then I get a bit cranky and critical, but I enjoy them, nonetheless. 

I am very excited about sharing my love of something so dear to me with my clients. I know that R2-D2 makes an impression on my clients because they will ask about him during the rest of the year. They now know that these are my favorite movies, and they know that John Williams is my favorite composer! If nothing else, when they see an advertisement for any Star Wars movie, they will remember their crazy music therapist and her robot! 

Maybe they'll even remember a bit about what I tried to teach them in music therapy sessions as well.


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