Synthesis Sunday: Is It Time Yet?

I am still struggling with my responses to the continuing tragedies that happen in this country, but I think I am almost ready to dive into the research and writings about music therapy and trauma-informed care.

Honestly, I've been a bit overwhelmed with things that are a bit more local this week, so I've neglected the reading that I've assigned myself. I've been unable to bring myself to open books about trauma, so it's been somewhat difficult to accomplish my goal of reading my next book. I have read the introduction, so I know what is in store for me, and that is part of my hesitation.

I am going to spend some time shoring up my self-awareness practices as I go into this topic. It is a difficult one for me, but it is something that I feel called to explore. I can't do that without working on my own responses and reactions. So, I am getting my ground rules ready for this work.

Rule #1 - Feel all the feelings.
Rule #2 - Walk away when the feelings are too much to handle.
Rule #3 - Return to the reading when feelings are processed.
Rule #4 - Process feelings in the ways that are most comfortable for me - art, writing, crying...
Rule #5 - No judging myself for feeling any way at all.

I always feel a bit better when I have rules in place. Rules offer me some structure and some boundaries. I like that. Rules are part of my self-care routine and part of my self-awareness practice.

So, I am going to be working my way back into my end goal - back into my Synthesis Sunday practice.

It's time. 


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