The Best-Laid Plans - A Not-So-Favorite-Thing-Friday

You know how you go through a day with a certain plan?

You start off thinking that things are going to progress in a specific manner. You're going to drive to work, get kids of their buses, do some music therapy, put kids back on their buses, and then go home again to start your weekend? Yep. That was the plan for yesterday. Then there were plans for today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Good plans.

The plan didn't work out as planned at all. First of all, it ended kind of abruptly when I got pushed during a safety assist with a client and something in my knee just popped. Second, I never plan on spending time in an emergency room, but there wasn't really any other choice. Third, I never planned on almost forgetting the interns who were waiting for me to start a webinar about Time Management and Organization that completely slipped my mind as I was hobbling about on my non-operational knee feeling sorry for myself. Once I finally remembered that it was Thursday night, I had to hobble to the wired internet connection (the better to stream a webinar with, my dear), wait for everything to hook up, and then apologize profusely to the confused folks who were waiting and wondering. (Did I mention that I was so disorganized that I FORGOT the webinar on Organization???? What a great example I'm being this time around! Ugh.)

Right now, there are many unknowns for what's going to happen due to this injury. The ER couldn't do anything except tell me to get an MRI. I had to be driven home since I drive a car with a manual transmission and couldn't depend on my knee for any type of weight bearing. Right now, I'm waiting for the school district office to open so I can get some guidance for how to proceed in my treatment. Then, I am sure that I will have to get creative on how I'm going to get to go where I need to go today.

It's a good thing that I have Fridays off during the summer, but I didn't plan on doing all of this on my day off, and I had plans for this weekend.

Isn't that the way things go? Make plans for the weekend that require physical work and bust out your knee so you can't walk on it without significant rods supporting it. So much for making new bookshelves and digeridoo this weekend. If I can't drive, I certainly can't do any traipsing around Home Depot carrying 2X10 shelves and PVC pipe pieces. Oh well.

The good thing about this situation? I will get to know the Worker's Compensation system from the inside out. I will find ways to get things done that do not require me to drive. I will figure out how to do my job when I'm not at full body strength. Fortunately, my job as a music therapist is not dependent upon working knees. 

I don't know if I can get myself to work on Monday, but I will try.

I am fortunate that my job doesn't require me to walk right now. I can do almost everything without needing to move, but individual sessions will have to be delayed since I cannot guarantee that I can do everything to keep my clients safe. That will give me more time to think, compose, and make up my schedule. In short, I will be a basket case within a week.

Pity party over. It's time for self-care of a medical sort. I need to call the district, figure out how to get an MRI, and get that done. I need to know answers and will try to get them figured out.

Plans change.


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