This is the Life...

It is the eleventh day of my Summer Break, and I am currently reclining on my craft room carpet, listening to the tornado siren test that happens on Mondays at noon. I have had a productive morning - I've done some laundry and have moved the furniture around in the craft room to make some more room in the center. There is an empty shelf on the bottom of one of my storage compartments that has been taken over by the feline. She seems to feel that she needs to be in that shelf, and I'm not going to argue with her! I'll put a blankie in there in a bit in order to make it more of her own spot.

Anyway, the thing that is sticking in my head today is that everything has its place. The cat's current place is under the shelving unit. My current place is on the floor of the craft room, blogging, and watching old seasons of Sherlock on Netflix. There is a place for everything.

That is a good thing about music therapy. There is a place for every music therapist regardless of philosophy, form of practice, population preference, and attitude towards the therapeutic function of music.

Whew - I started going into a rant about music therapy bullies and being inclusive, but that tangent has no place here in this blog post and in this time.

Back to the good life...

In my adventures in organizing the craft room, I have found lots of old work pictures including some of former interns and clients. All of those familiar and forgotten faces have brightened up my day. I saw pictures of my clients performing The Wizard of Oz, Annie, and Grease back in the day when we had enough time with clients to learn music for an entire musical. I saw pictures of Holiday programs with the entire school participating. I glimpsed the old music room and remembered what it was like to try to run large groups in limited space (something I'll have to get used to this school year as we move into a new music room yet again...).

Oh, dear, starting down a dismal road again. Time to turn myself around...

This year, I will strive to be the best therapist I can be for all of the clients who arrive at the door to my music room. I will try to be a good internship director, and I will be happy.

This is the life...


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