Ice Day - I'm Staying Home!: Thoughtful Thursday

I have always made it part of my pride that I was able to go to work even on the most snowy days. I used to spend the night at work when the weather was really bad so that I didn't have to get out and be a problem for the transportation department. I spent nights camped out on the music therapy room floor, somewhat comfortable on couch cushions borrowed from around the facility. I no longer do that.

Today I awoke to find that it was slick and icy outside. Now, I went to the transportation department's website where it indicated that all the roads that I take were "partially covered." Translation? There may have been a couple of treatments done, but nothing is clear yet. I went outside to check - sidewalks are very slick and the drive is also slick. There isn't much sense in trying to drive 50 miles when getting out the drive takes 15 minutes (it's 147 feet to the street). The folks on the street were not going very fast, so I opted for safety for myself and my interns, and I am staying home.

I like being one of the folks who sacrifices snow days for working. There are several reasons for this. First, I get alternate days off when I want them. Second, I get a fair amount of attention for driving so far to make it to work. Third, snow days are relaxing days - 40 students stay at their homes so only residents of the facility are around. I often do something like music baseball or the minute to win it music olympics on snow days. I try to keep some really fun things to do in my plans for snow days because it majorly vacuums that the residents have to go to school on days when every other kid in the region gets to stay home.

I have decided that it is time to turn in my inclement weather day hat. I have missed three out of five days so far this year due to ice. The first two were due to having a rental car while my old car was being fixed from an accident that was not my fault - someone hit the car while it was parked in the emergency room lot where I left it before my gall bladder surgery. I felt a bit jinxed and didn't want to risk it. This time around, I have a new car and just don't want to spend all the time, energy, and stress on getting myself to work on the ice. I'm taking the time out and won't get a day off later on, but that is okay for me as well. I just have to figure out what I will be doing with interns when snow days happen. Some years we have 8 snow days and other years we have none. I guess I could make a list of movies to watch and review...maybe some projects that folks take home at the beginning of their internships just in case...ooh, I could link them up to my video library so they would have to watch me teach on these days. That could work!! (Poor interns.) The simple fact is that I am getting older, and I am scared of falling on the ice and tearing my ACL again. That was an 18 month ordeal that I don't want to go through again. So, I think I'll be taking my name off the inclement weather list next year.

For the moment, I am going to think about all the things that I need to do on this "day off." I need to do the laundry and clean the hallways. The hallways need to be vacuumed, the cat's water and box need to be changed up, and I have some places that need to be steam cleaned. I also have lots of file folders to make to add to my collection. There is plenty to do.

I am going to spend my snow day doing things to make my life better. Tomorrow it will be a regular work day (I am certainly hoping!!) and will be my plan/prep day. We are going to do some guitar string replacement work tomorrow...if it's not a snow day.


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