Design Thinking - Literally. I'm Changing Things about the Website

I am so very excited to be spending a day in front of the computer, working on website design. Part of the excitement comes from the fact that I love visual design, but the rest of the excitement comes from a special thing that is FINALLY happening on July 20th.
My first ever Continuing Music Therapy Education course will open for registration on July 20th! Here comes Composition and Creativity!
I have spent many years thinking about this, dreaming about this event, and preparing myself for this very moment. My first ever CMTE course, generated and overseen by me!! I spent lots of years trying to pinch enough pennies to pay the fees required to be a pre-approved CMTE provider through CBMT, but life always interfered - surgery, student loans, tuition bills, broken fridge, etc. Last year was when I was first able to afford the application fees, and now it is here - the first CMTE offered by me at musictherapyworks.

Today is the day that I've set aside to revamp my website to offer opportunities for folks to find my course and get it all set up. There are PayPal buttons to generate. There are narratives to write and pictures to upload. There are some serious decisions to be made about color schemes and layouts. I get to generate some passwords and Google forms and databases. Oooh. I get a thrill just thinking about all the things I get to do during this day.

There are so many things that happen with all of these things. It is amazing all the little parts and pieces that are associated with both running a CMTE and website design. I hope that I can get all the pieces pulled together before the 20th. I think I have a pretty good to-do list for what I want to accomplish today.

The problem?

Like every project I do, I tend to lose sight of the big picture. I get involved in making sure that the font is consistent, and I often forget to link the Google form to the page - or something annoying like that. So, my checklists have sub-checklists and sub-sub-checklists in the quest not to forget anything. I always do, but I've learned not to be very upset about those things, just to move forward and fix things that are broken.

I am going to dive into the world of website design and code at the moment, and then I'll start to go through my checklists. It's time to finish this step and start the next one...

Happy Saturday!


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