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TME Tuesday?? Um, Okay...

It's Tuesday again, isn't it? Time for another TME Tuesday. It's amazing how quickly the days go, yet still they feel like they are crawling. Anyway, enough of that.

Today's TME Tuesday post is concerned with how to write TME plans (at least, the way I do it and the way I make my poor, poor interns write them as well - mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!). I wrote this resource a long time ago, but I think it still fits in with my philosophy of TMEs and how to make them functional for me and my clients. I think there is lots of carry over into other clients' sessions as well. Let me know what you think after you read it all! Is this something that works for you in your area of music therapy expertise??

Avoiding the Creativity Block

It is week two of three during this summer session of our Extended School Year (ESY). My intern will be running an opening plus two therapeutic music experiences in her groups this week, so I'll be sitting back during about half of the sessions. I need to identify and get started with some individual sessions so she can get started with assessments and treatment planning. Her first month is over, and we are moving into the second phase of her training. I am behind in reviewing things, but should be able to catch up this morning.

I am sitting here, wondering what I will be doing with my groups this week. I'll put up another clue for the Musician of the Month, pay kids for their expected behaviors (that reminds me, I need to go to the Dollar Tree to buy some more fake money for the payments), and pull out some novel TMEs. I'm tired of the typical time filling TMEs that I use at the end of the session when there is only 4 minutes left. Time to break out something new. 

So, what…