I Was Right...Just Accept It...It Will Be Easier If You Just Assume That I Am Right From Now On!

I had two separate situations happen at work yesterday where people told me I was wrong, and I was able to prove that I was right. The situations themselves aren't all that important, but the situations could have been completely avoided had the other parties involved actually decided to talk to me rather than making their own decisions that affected me.

Now, I hate confrontation, but I will go into full-blown confrontation mode if something happens that is inappropriate or incorrect. I will fact check before I start a confrontation, and I will have documentation to back up my position. I believe in being prepared (Thank you, Girl Scouts!!), and I do not enter any sort of situation without knowing the facts.

Two people tried to convince me, "We've NEVER done this before." I was able to prove that we did do things this way before and this is the way it is supposed to be. They haven't responded yet, but I will be able to provide email proof that they did these things in this way last summer and should not have changed things.

Okay, this is a ridiculous post with a ridiculous premise, but at the same time, I am almost always right, especially if I decide to enter into a conversation with my co-workers.

TOTALLY A TANGENT NOW - One of my other pet peeves? People who try to look smart by using phrases that they misspell! The phrase is "per se," NOT "per say." I believe that you should actually know how to spell things before you try to use them in written conversation - you look ignorant when you don't check your spelling, even for obscure phrases that you probably have never really understood to begin with. END OF THAT PARTICULAR PET PEEVE RANT!!

So, what does this have to do with music therapy?

Not much, but it has lots to do with me. Therefore, it has lots to do with me being a music therapist in my specific role in my facility. This is completely a work related situation and co-worker related issue, not anything that makes the world of music therapy take notice.

There are times in every single job on the planet when things do not go the way you think they will, should, or have to. As a worker, you have choices to make. Do you stand up, shout out, and change things, or do you just sit quietly in the corner and allow others to make those decisions for you? I often don't feel like I have to change everything that goes on, but I will stand for the things that matter.

In one of these situations, the erroneous decision made by co-workers made absolutely no difference to them but affected me completely. Therefore, I decided to confront them about it. One of the staff members stated, "my behavior health technicians prefer" music therapy sessions in a specific way (not the way they will be). I haven't responded to that because I haven't been able to remove the emotional response from that comment yet from my responses. The simple fact of the matter is that I am not interested in how the staff members would prefer to do therapy. The simple fact is that I am tasked with doing therapy for the CLIENTS, not the staff members. I don't really care how the staff members prefer to attend music therapy. STAFF MEMBERS ARE NOT THE FOCUS OF THERAPY!

I am right. They are wrong, and in the future, I hope that folks will remember that I am almost always right and go from there. It will make our lives SO much easier if my co-workers just realize this FACT (not opinion!! - snark) and proceed accordingly.

Off to see what things I will be right about today - it will be EVERYTHING! Embrace the reality and just go with it!!!!


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