Creation to Get Me Out of the Grumps

I have a case of the grumps - that mood where there just isn't anything that makes me happy and everything just makes me a bit angry. It's silly things, really - my father's ultra conservative posts on Facebook, the fact that the cat wants to cuddle at times when I do not, all the food that I have in the cabinet that just doesn't sound appetizing to me at all, the list just goes on and on. Nothing is really serious, so I'm thinking this is the product of hormones, and I am very grateful that I have another day off before I have to work around others.
It is time to spend some time in my own company. I don't think I'll get an early morning phone call from my father - my family is going to the memorial service for my second cousin once removed today. I'm not going because I am the only one who doesn't live in California. Grump.

I have to make a choice - do I let the grumps take over my life? Or do I work through them. I choose to work through them. I know that they will not last forever, but they will be back at some point. That's how I know that making things will help me with those grumps. I can channel any frustration that I have into things that I make. The act of creation is one that I enjoy, so it will help me work through the feelings that are happening right now.

I am going to spend some time doing dishes and making things. This will be one way to help combat the grumps. I have a prayer shawl to finish - it needs fringe. I have a new die-cut for making little houses. That will be fun. I want to draw some things to put together for a Teachers Pay Teachers offering - I got some new books on drawing yesterday at Five Below. I also need to read my article for tomorrow's post. There are lots of things to do, and I am going to start them up.

Activity seems to be the best cure for what I got.

It is now 4:48 am, and I've been up for an hour. I am going to start off the day by unloading and then reloading the dishwasher and getting that started. After that, I'll spend some time playing with file folders and drawing things for those folders. I am not planning anything past that, but I do need to go grocery shopping for this next week at some point. Can't do that for another couple of hours. After shopping, I'll make some spinach lasagna and a triple chocolate cake.

I acknowledge my grumps and try to work through them rather than work against them. I believe that it's not healthy to pretend that I'm not grumpy. When I try to do that, my grumps get bigger and bigger. It's better to just work while I'm feeling this way. When I am stuck with a case of the grumps when I have to work with clients, I do stuff the emotions a bit, but I also acknowledge that I am feeling that way. I take more breaths and remind myself that what I find to be annoying is probably not as annoying as I feel. I try to remember my role as therapist above everything else. When the grumps get really bad, I try to limit my contact with other people so it is easier for me to interact.

Time to get started with the work so I can start to get rid of these grumps.

Happy Saturday!


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