Thoughtful Thursday: World Music Therapy Day

Happy March 1st, also known as World Music Therapy Day for all of us music therapists!

I am currently getting ready to celebrate this day through a Skype interview with a potential intern, purchasing things for one of my presentations, and spending time with my family. I am not going to be doing much with actual music therapy today - which is how all of the other World Music Therapy Days have actually happened. For some reason, I am not around my clients on this day, and I have never celebrated this day with any of my clients. Hmm. Maybe I should reserve this day and the week around it for a celebration with clients next year... I'll put that on my calendar right now!


I love the idea of a day where all music therapists celebrate our wonderful profession. Sure, being a music therapist has its downfalls and challenges, but all professions do, so it is very important that we celebrate the great things that happen in our clinics and therapeutic interventions, the small steps and sounds that mean so much to the persons we serve, and the joy that musicking brings to so many people. Celebrate!

Visual courtesy of the World Federation of Music Therapy
Tomorrow will be a day for all things music therapy! I am in California for the Western Region's annual conference and will get to attend some presentations tomorrow before presenting two presentations on Saturday. I decided to region-hop this year because the Western Region decided to hold their conference right near my family. No reason not to come for a combination business/pleasure trip, right? The folks in WRAMTA opted to accept both of my presentation ideas, so here I am! In California for the rare March trip!! I am looking forward to the conference about as much as I am looking forward to the visit with my family!

Time to start my celebration through some intentional music listening, some talking about music therapy and how I do it, and getting to relax.

Happy World Music Therapy Day, all!


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