Thoughtful Thursday: I've Got Peace Like a River

This is a busy week. I have already gone through two intern applicant interviews, the end of registration for OCMT 2018, and still have the conference to go. In addition to all that, I'm still fighting the aftereffects of the flu I had last week, and I have my full schedule. I am behind in my documentation for the past week, and I am exhausted. Ah, the joys of being a busy therapist and human being!

This year is a bit different from years past. I am not as stressed by this week as I've been in years past. This is primarily due to the team that I work with - they are on top of things, and we seem to be working like a well-oiled engine. I am feeling that things are working well, and I have few of the niggling little doubts that I usually have that I am missing something...something important. I am trying to make this week as easy as possible. I've heated up prepared meals rather than cooking. I'm going to sleep when I want to go to sleep (sometimes I've been asleep at 6:45pm [or 00:45 am GMT for those of you going into OCMT mode]) this week. I'm waking up feeling refreshed - which has not been happening when I keep myself up until a respectable adult-type bedtime.

For some reason, my brain has been occupied with a song this week. Most of the time, the song has been "Found a Peanut," a children's piggy-back song to the tune of "My Darling Clementine." This is due to the fact that I've sung the song about one hundred million gazillion times this week (well, that MAY be a bit of an exaggeration...). I've been humming the song during random odd moments - it came into my head during the Prayers for the People last night at worship - but that's not the song that I am clinging to at the moment.

This morning's song is I've Got Peace Like a River

I love that song. There is so much that is part of it, and it really seems to illustrate the way I am feeling right now. I have peace, but it is the type of peace that happens in a body of moving water.

Peace does not necessarily mean still.

For me, in this moment right now, peace means that movement is happening in a way that is moving towards a goal. In the case of the river, that goal is to reach the sea. In my case, those goals are different, but still present, and my peace comes from moving forward towards my goals. Once those goals are reached, there are others always present on the horizon. Other things to move towards.

The river metaphor really works for me. Water moves around, over, under. It swirls and overflows. It gets dammed up and then breaks forth. There are times when the river has to change course in order to keep moving. Sometimes it dries up completely and remains dormant until a rain replenishes it and starts things over again.

This is a good metaphor for the creative process of all of us as well. 

So, I'll take the song this morning. I'll try my best to remember that peace does not mean that nothing happens or moves or changes. I'll remember that peace is like that river, moving towards the sea.
I'll float on.


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