Snow Days #4 and #5 are Done - No More Snow Days, Please!!

It is time to say goodbye to ice! I no longer want to be frozen or slip sliding away. I do NOT want to build a snowman, and Frosty can hurry on his way. I'm finished!!

I now have enough Paid Time Off (PTO) to take off another week at some point. I will need to spend some time thinking about when I want to do that - it has to be done by June 30 because of the contract year. So. I get to take some time off at some random time because I have spent all my snow days at work rather than at home. I like this system SO MUCH!

Hate to say it, though, but I don't want any more of these days. I'm just outright finished with the novelty. It's not all that novel now - especially after three days in a row. Ugh.

We are all feeling it. Students are ready to see their missing classmates and teachers. We want to have our regular schedule back. We really want to spend our time doing things that make us frustrated and challenged and that give us things to complain about. Too much relaxation is just not really good for the soul - especially when we have no choice in the matter! 

It isn't a snow day today, but I have a plan if it is called. Since it is store day, I'll host a drop-in dance party. Dance music all day and shopping in the store. No actual therapy other than just offering an opportunity. After all, I have three times the notes that I usually have to do at this point in the week. 295 notes to do when you include the "absent due to snow day" notes that have to be done as well. 

I should not have counted those notes. Now I want to stay home and avoid it all! My current mantra - I am an ethical professional and I do what I have to do as part of my professional responsibilities. Repeat.

Off I go into the (hopefully) thawing world. Keep your fingers crossed that this is NOT a snow day.  PLEASE???? 

(Think of the vacation that is coming up later...)


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