Frantically Facing Friday

I received some news yesterday that kinda threw me into a tizzy. The news is good, but is along the lines of "that thing you thought you had four more months to coordinate? Yeah, maybe only a month now." I can't share any more details, but I can tell you that I am going to be spending some time today trying to see if I can figure out what has to be done immediately.

This is actually a good thing for me. In the past seven days, I've had the "I'm feeling like I need a challenge" thoughts as one project wrapped up, and I was trying to come up with another one. I'm sure that this happened partially to get me going on something. 

So, thank you, Universe, I appreciate the challenge.

As a result of this new challenge, my plans for Friday have changed a bit. I really need to put things back where they belong in my music therapy clinic. I've either been sick or isolated in my office for the last two weeks, so things have piled up inside the cabinets that are not where they belong. This is a problem for me as I like having my clinic organized. The office, however, is still looking pretty good - that's the benefit of having several intern interviews in a row. I need to clear off the desk, but that's really all that needs to be done in the office. The cabinets, though? Shudder.

So, the first hour or so will be focused on cleaning and organizing. After that, I'll be stuck in my office while students are in the store and using my room. I won't really be able to have my stuff out and about - people think they can help themselves to whatever they want - so I will use that time to finish my documentation and to work on my current, time-framed challenge!

I get to work on forms.

No wait, I need to write that with half the excitement I feel.
I GET to work on FORMS!
I'll go over the forms I already have, but I anticipate that I will need to make some more! Hooray!! Google Docs, Access, Word, and Excel will be used today. That is a promise. I love making forms.

I'll also have some time to think about music therapy and my role within that profession. It will be time to establish some professional goals. I may get the data that I'm waiting for, so I may be able to use that to help me frame my goals. I will also take some time for peer supervision and self-reflection. I hope to organize session plans for next week and the week after as well. 

Lots of optimism on this Friday morning.

My to-do list is as follows:
  1. Put materials back where they belong
  2. Organize cabinets
  3. Organize intern office space
  4. Individual session
  5. Clean off desk
  6. Documentation
  7. Peer Supervision
  8. FORMS!!
  9. Journaling
  10. Professional goal development
  11. Going home to start the weekend
Whew. That looks like lots to do, but I can do it! I hope this enthusiasm lasts through the weekend. I could do with a bit of this energy when I get home for my day off tomorrow.

For the moment, I am going to finish this post, get myself coordinated enough to head out the door into a day that is going to get colder as the sun comes up, not warmer, and enjoy my drive into work.

I'm getting ready for this latest challenge, and it is energizing. Anyone else have anything to challenge me? I'd like to know!!

Happy Friday, all! 


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