Bonus Day

I am having a day off today. It is a holiday, so there is no school. I am going to enjoy this bonus day as much as I possibly can. I am adding things to my to-do list and my not-to-do list as fast as I can.

To-do - laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, chiropractor, changing the sheets, organizing the front closet.

Not-to-do - listen to news, stress about situations that are not my responsibility, avoid toxic people and topics

I'm working on things that will move me forward. I'll start some chicken in the crock-pot in a couple of minutes here. I am getting ready to go to my new chiropractor to get my second adjustment - there will probably be another on next Saturday as well. After the adjustment, I'll go grocery shopping for some hamburger and then I'll start the process of making food for the next couple of weeks.

I enjoy these days, and I try to make the most out of them. There is something luxurious about having an extra weekend day that gives me such satisfaction. Since I've moved to my session strategy format for planning sessions, I have time on this day to relax. My centers for this week are finished. I have my signs ready to go, and all I have to do tomorrow is to put the materials out and let the kids go!

I am ready, and I'll be even more ready after this long weekend.

For the moment, however, I am focusing on this day, and only on this day. The first load of laundry is now washed, and I need to put it in the dryer. Coupons are loaded on to my shopper card. The cat has decided that she needs to take advantage of my lap, and I am ready to get myself up and moving, but the cat has other ideas.

This day will be what it is supposed to be, and I am going to enjoy it - whatever happens. For the moment, I will sit here with my cat and just enjoy her rumbling purr.

Have a happy Monday, and I hope that you get a bonus day in the near future!

Time to change the laundry, start the chicken, and get ready to go out to the doctor and the store... Purr. Purr. Purr.


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