Not Quite Welcomed with Open Arms, But I'll Take It

It is the first day of 2018, and I am back at my home with my cat, celebrating the New Year by sleeping in, unpacking, and playing with my new stuff. I arrived earlier this morning and was greeted by a loud cat who was expressing her displeasure at being left alone. She yelled and cuddled and then yelled again. Just for good measure, she vomited on the carpet. It was quite the homecoming, but I'll take it.

Today is a day for rest. I have only today left of my Winter Break, so it is for things just for me. I've put the luggage away in the closet (it causes Bella-cat some anxiety when it is around), the box of presents is on its way to me, and the rest of the presents are here. I've sorted them into things for the craft room, things for hygiene (yes, we are THAT sort of family), and things for work.

I'm not ready to go back to work (I could really use another week to get bored), but I know that it has to happen, so I am resigned to the fact that I will have to spend most of tomorrow engaged in training that has nothing to do with me and my role at the facility. I will try my best not to be cranky and snarky. A one day resolution for January 2, 2018 - remain positive in a situation that is not one that I like at all... I will strive to be positive.

It is time to start coming up with my annual calendar. I found some Jan-Dec dividers that I will be putting to use. I am finding that I have lots of things that are time-framed, so I need to coordinate those things in some way. Most of my tasks are not my full-time job related, so they don't really fit within my work bullet journal. These are things for my side efforts - the blog, the website, the second blog and website, the newsletter, sing about songs, presentations, speaking engagements, my role as treasurer for OCMT, and lots of other things. Man! I am busier than I thought!

It is time to start another way to coordinate my music therapy efforts. I will be working on that here at home since I try my best to separate my home work from my full-time job work.

In the meantime, however, I am going to bask in the cold sunshine coming through the window while luxuriating in the fact that I am back to my job of being an adult. (And, while I am waiting for my new BB-8 droid to charge up and for the app to download - maybe I am not as much of an adult as I like to think!)

Happy New Year, all. I hope that this New Year is prosperous, fulfilling, and just plain old happy for us all.


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