Just a Bunch of Complaining

Yesterday morning, I woke up (like I do most months about this time) with some severe intestinal difficulties and an inability to move very far from my bed without significant problems. What did that mean?

Self-care day.

I've had this problem and pattern for quite some time, and I finally realized what the pattern was yesterday about halfway through my day. I know what precedes this situation which will help me predict it. Now that I know, I think I can start to prepare myself better for this episode next month. I am hoping that I do not have to take another self-care day next month because I need to be at work. Being at work with this situation, though, means not being able to focus on my clients and their needs because my own needs take precedence in my attention.

So, self-care day.

Isn't it amazing how much our body does? Isn't it amazing how it gets into patterns that we don't really realize? Isn't is amazing how a bit of prevention can help our bodies do what they need to do to function correctly? Isn't it amazing how it can take us some time to see what is happening in our bodies and realize what it is? Isn't it wonderful when you realize what is happening?

Taking a self-care day means that I have to spend some time re-visioning my session strategies. I have four groups who have been through the initial session concepts this week and four groups who have not. I have to figure out what to do with the four groups who have heard the concept today, and then I have to prioritize the remaining concepts for the four groups who have not had the opportunity to hear the concept. I am going to try to change a training that I have scheduled for Thursday afternoon since that would be having to cancel this particular set of groups twice this week and that doesn't seem fair. I hope I can get in to training on Friday rather than on Thursday afternoon.

Self-care doesn't come without a cost.

So, my day of illness yesterday will cost me some planning time and some need to rearrange some things. In the long run, however, the need for self-care has to be taken seriously.

I am keeping a symptom journal now. I will keep track of my life situations and see how the pattern develops. I think I know the link, but this will help me figure it all out.

Oh, self-care.


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