The Last Day

It is the last day of my Fall Break (which is called the Fall Break because it comes before the Fall semester - the Winter break happens before the Winter quarter - the Spring break happens before the Spring quarter - it's not a perfect system, Janice, but it works for me. Snark!!) It is the last part of an extended break for a very long time.

When I awoke, I was greeted by the news that a high school friend of mine passed away today. She was ill and had many health issues, so the news was not entirely unexpected, but it was not all that expected. This is the latest in a series of unexpected deaths that have occurred this summer. I am happy for her that the illness is over, but it will be strange to see posts on her wall that are not hers.

My plans for today are to do as little as possible. I have to do some carpet cleaning today, so I need to clean. The laundry is finished (except for what I wore yesterday), but there are dishes to do and things to organize and store. I have a lamp kit and a lamp base to assemble before finding a good shade to go with the lamp.

I go back to work tomorrow. We will spend the day in our mandatory annual training - blood-borne pathogens, sexual harassment, medication and seizure training, armed intruder response training, and OSHA stuff. It's always the same thing - I think I have the sexual harassment video memorized by now - so I will try my best to pay attention, even though it is repetitive and uninteresting. I understand why we have to do it. I am sure that, at some point, we will have some sort of team-building activity (that's the time that I dislike the most) because my principal thinks that we cannot go through an inservice day without a team-building activity of some sort.

The next day is supposed to be a work day in our various spaces, but it will be full of short meetings that will interrupt what I want to get done during my work day. I really need to empty my storage room and my office and rearrange some things to make the spaces more functional. I also have some new signs to put up and some binder systems to arrange (Excited!) so I can continue to use the centers that worked pretty well this summer. 

My clients start school next Monday. We will hit the ground running and will be back into the routine quickly. I think I am ready.

Today, however, is for me. It is a time to do things just for me so I will be ready to go tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday.


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