Back to Work

I'm not sure what to write about this morning. I had started a post about some good news that we received at work yesterday, but it really wasn't moving me towards writing about music therapy, so I abandoned that post idea. Here's an idea...

I am getting ready for a work day at my job today. This is a luxury that doesn't happen as much as it used to, and I am very thankful for this day dedicated to preparation for students. My plan is to clean out, clean up, and organize my storage closet and my office. To that end, I'll be arriving early to start pulling things out of my spaces. I want to be able to clean the floors before I reorganize, so I plan on taking everything out of the rooms first. Then, I will swiff the floors with my Swiffers and then reload the rooms. I also want to take things that I do not need back to my home. There's no reason to keep things where they are not needed.

I am looking forward to today. I am going to put the iPod into the stereo to play various playlists and television shows while I am working. I am going to spend some time talking to teachers about scheduling individual clients for sessions. 

I've already had one teacher complaining about her music therapy schedule. She decided that I should do all of her sessions in the classroom - I told her that I could swing one session per week in her classroom but the other had to be in the music therapy room. Several other teachers were complaining about their schedules as well, but I can slough all those complaints off. I didn't have any input into how the schedule was formatted. I'm doing what I was told to do.

I also want to start a ukulele club. We'll see if anyone actually shows up for the extra services I try to provide (they usually don't). Makes one feel a bit useless, actually.

Enough of that.

One of my goals for this year is to find happiness in each day. Yesterday's happiness came in being able to remain at work, even while in the throes of a migraine headache. There was also some news of a raise coming soon. That was some happy news. I found my menu-sized laminating sheets, so that makes me happy. I arranged for weekly peer supervision with the art therapist at work, so I will have a bit of professional responsibility taken care of for this school year.

Today, I hope to find my happiness in the act of making my work space a bit more functional than it is now. So, I'm off.

Happy Friday.


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