Thoughtful Thursday: Playing with Sound

This has been a week of sound play in my music therapy room. I introduced the new instruments to most of my students so far (only 6 groups to go). We've been playing with sound-making with the new guitars, ukuleles, and electric instruments.

It's been an interesting week as I've watched my students try things out. Some just cannot wait to get their hands on the instruments. Others could care less. In my facility, I promote client choice, so if a student is polite and uses his or her manners, he or she can choose not to actively engage. I can pretty much predict who will and will not complete the exploration portion of the session.

As we play with sound, I watch the responses and reactions of my clients closely. I control the volume of the amplifiers so that I can control how much sound we have in the area. When someone starts to show signs of arousal that might be related to the sounds, I adjust.

I am not able to make a consistent sound on the violin yet, but I am continuing to try my best to do so. There is a good reason why I am not a violinist - it is difficult! I continue to play around with the instrument, trying my best to make it make some music. I want to be able to play something on the instrument by the end of the summer. We shall see if I can do that or not. Surely I can play something in 5 weeks...

In the meantime, we will continue to play with sound - instrumental, body, and vocal. 


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