Supplemental Sunday: Emotion Pictures from Educate Autism

I've been on a search lately for multi-cultural emotion PECS for use in communication with my clients. I noticed that the only non-white emotion card I had was for "mad." I don't think this was due to any particular bias on my part or on the part of the all-white Speech Language Pathologists who made my cards for me, but I noticed. I didn't like it. So, I started searching for free icons that would mix things up a bit.

I found them at Educate Autism

I like these because they offer free printables to expand the ways my clients can communicate with me. I now have several sets of emotion cards with three different flesh tones - only three, but that's more than I had last week. There are also male and female cards - I like that as well!

I am now making emotion sets for my kids to use during our opening/assessment song. I've split my original set into 6 different sets of mixed flesh tone icons. I am color-coding them using different colored cardstock (simply so I can place the blue cards in the blue box and the green ones in the green box) and then we will use them every week. Sometimes clients will see "angry" in a flesh tone closer to their own. Sometimes clients will see the same icon in a different type of flesh tone. I am hoping that clients will be able to continue to use these icons without any difficulty.

I love free materials. I enjoy being able to use them in ways that I think the creators didn't really think about. Now that I have this set, I'm going to use them for other things besides the opening/assessment song. We'll use them for identification, improvisation, and other things I haven't started to think about yet.

Enjoy! Again, the site is called Educate Autism.


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