This Blog is My Processing Place

One of the things that I have found over the years is that I really use this blog to process through any and all issues in my life. There are many posts that I write just to decide that they are too personal and not really appropriate for a semi-professional blog, but those posts help me figure out things in my life that need some contemplation and reflection. It is amazing what becomes clear when I write things down, even if those posts never see the light of day.

I find that a certain amount of self-reflection is important for me as a therapist. I have been able to do much of this reflection in my own way, as a personal task and practice. I am sure that there are therapist out there who are currently thinking, "You have to be in supervision with a therapist to truly be able to learn and grow as a therapist," but I don't believe that is true for me. I think that we each have to find our own way through processing what goes on in our therapy practices.

Now, before you start to get upset about my lack of professional supervision, please know that I do believe that there is a place for talking to others about clinical issues and concerns. For me, that place is in discussions with my Art Therapist colleague. While neither of us is supervising the other, we do have mutual respect for each other and for the work that the other accomplishes with our clients. I feel that she has a good idea about the challenges that I face as a therapist since she faces most of the same challenges daily. We offer each other a place to reflect and problem-solve.

Anyway, this blog has really become my place to work out the problems that I have with other aspects of my life. Here is where I think in writing and try to solve issues or problems of my own. There is a reason that this blog is titled, "Music, Therapy, and Me." It is a place for me to think about me and how I approach our profession of music therapy.

I encourage all music therapists to figure out their own way to process what goes on in their lives. If you are a visual person, write or draw something. If you are a kinesthetic learner, then use your movements - try acting out the situations with someone that you trust. If you are a musical processor, then compose a song or improvise a recording that you can listen to and reflect upon later. If you learn best by listening, then find a sounding board to help you hear and listen to you and your thoughts. Find your way into processing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings about clients, sessions, the profession, co-workers, and yourself as a therapist.

What am I currently processing right now? Oh. Too much to really talk about here, but please know that I'm working through my thoughts and situations in my own way, in my own time, and with a discerning eye.


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