Happiness Initiative - Things I Love...

This post is dedicated to the things that I love...

  •  Sleepy cats - This is the look that I get when I am flashing the camera when her highness is trying to sleep. Don't you love the personalities that animals convey?

  • My music room (the view from my desk) - When my facility decided to make a new gymnasium wing, I was asked what I wanted in a possible music room. My answer, "SPACE." I got almost everything I asked for and am grateful every day I get to work in this beautiful music room!

  • Mandalas and other Word Art - One of my favorite forms of relaxation is to doodle words and small pictures. This is one of my offerings from the past year. There is nothing that I like better than a blank piece of white drawing paper, a big box of markers, and some time to just cover the paper with words.

  • J's Rainbow - Shortly after a young client of mine passed away, I saw this beautiful stormy morning and this glorious rainbow. The child's teacher always refers to her students who have left this world as her "rainbow children." J's rainbow reassured me that he was on his way to wherever we go.

  • One tree on my drive home from work - I love this tree. It stands alone by the side of my country highway about 20 minutes away from home. I love the asymmetry, the way the branches are uplifted, and how the tree looks completely different from the drive to work versus the view from the drive from work. This tree inspired several tree sculptures over the past several years.

  • Making mallets - I love making mallets. There is something satisfying about making something that generally costs lots of money for pennies on the dollar. The repetitive nature of the work also soothes me and lulls me into a sense of relaxation. The music that comes from the time that I spend on making these mallets is also something I love deeply.

  • Making Visual Aids for silly songs - There's A Pickle On My Head - I also like drawing my own visual aids. This one turned out pretty well, even if I say so myself. If you want to learn more about this visual aid and the therapeutic music experience that goes with it, please check out my website at www.musictherapyworks.com. 
  •  Kansas Skies - Another view from my drive home from work. There are times when the Kansas sky makes me pause in my tracks. This day I was driving into a storm but wasn't quite there yet. I keep my camera in my car and snap pictures when I see views that I love.
Thank you for indulging this post about things I love. What do you love?? 


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