Another Inclement Weather Day - Ugh.

I am really getting tired of not having my regular schedule happen. I have interns who are not getting to do their roles because of all of the interruptions. I have tons of documentation to do because I am seeing 64 students daily and have to keep up with notes (which reminds me, I have to do Friday's notes this morning - I'll have to leave extra early to get to work so I can get all the notes done and get ready for today's sessions as well). I haven't been able to do the consultations with my interns that we need to do because there aren't enough hours in the day. I am tired, I am cranky, and I am not at all happy that we have to do this yet again. To add to all of this, I now have to figure out when I can take off 72 hours in the next 4 months without depriving my junior intern of the supervision/consultation and need for oversight that she deserves. I won't get paid for those 72 hours, so I have to take them at some point. I already have plans for 32 hours, but the other 40 hours are now something that I have to figure out.

Of course, I am putting the cart before the horse right now - I haven't worked for 8 of those 40 hours. That will be the inclement weather day total after I get myself into work today. It would have been 48 hours after today if I had gone to work on Thursday, but an inch of ice on the sidewalks and roads is scary to me, so I remained at home. Staying at home reminded me that I don't really do well with random days off and that I prefer to plan my time off, so I'm dragging myself to work this morning...through the wintry mix and the freezing fog do SOMETHING with my residents today. I'm thinking that we may need to do a karaoke day today. Or maybe a scavenger hunt. Or maybe not.

At the moment, however, I am sinking into a bit of disappointment and frustration.

As I have the past several weeks, changes in my schedule are not the easiest thing for me to handle. Having to come up with something new for all of these inclement weather days makes me feel like I am being completely drained of creativity and any type of interest that I have in my day. Yet, I need to come up with something because three snow days in a row are challenging for my clients to handle as well. They deserve something that interests them, even on these days.

So, I am going to spend a bit more time using my computer to check on things, to write a bit, to coordinate my thoughts, and then I am heading to work. I will do my best to go slowly on roads that may be slick so I end up at work and not in a ditch somewhere. I will ignore the folks who think that 4-wheel drive means invincibility, and I will get to work in a safe but slow manner. Once there, I will do my notes, figure out my session plans, and get ready to start the week up.

Even though the thought of another inclement weather day is exhausting to me.


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