Thoughtful Thursday: Sometimes the Thoughts Don't Come

I am currently in a creative rush and a writing rut. Interesting how those things seem to go hand-in-hand around here. I've written three songs this morning, but I've also deleted lots of blog posts for this blog. For some reason, finding things to write about has been tough this morning.

I'm going to give it another go.

I guess I am a bit exhausted after playing host to my Mom. Things were different around here, as the cat continues to remind me - having a new person in the living space means that some things get done while others do not. We went lots of new places this week, and I am grateful for the opportunity to explore more of this area, but I don't usually do much of that during vacation, so my napping has really suffered! I plan to rectify some of that today. I'm tired, and that comes out as complaining on this forum. I try not to do too much of that, but there are times when it just has to happen.

Through my post-visit haze, I have been able to compose an original song from scratch and wrote the lyrics to two piggy-back songs. I'm almost finished with my next Teachers Pay Teachers file - a song about the steps that we take when going trick-or-treating - I just have to ink and color in the visuals that I've drawn. (I also need to look at a picture of a hand holding a bucket so I can get the visual right.) I have a companion piggy-back song to explain the process of giving candy to trick-or-treaters that needs development. We'll see if I get that started today or not. Probably not, but you never know.

Does this look intriguing?
I'm feeling the creativity surge running through me - my brain goes from idea to idea and I put them down on paper to get them fixed somewhat. I have an idea for sharing things with other music therapists that I am trying to figure out. I've designed a logo and want to get this started...more about that later when I feel a bit less scattered and a bit more focused and cogent.

I have put some of this energy into making my plans for this next year. I will be focusing on my health through eating better (I'll be helped in that process by eating all the things that Mom bought and didn't eat!) and exercising a bit more regularly. I will be continuing my creativity through making things for my Teachers Pay Teachers store and for my CMTE courses. That also takes care of professional development. I want to travel for music therapy purposes (more than just to conferences) this year (anyone want an inexpensive speaker or CMTE presented live in their places? I'll travel for gas money and a place to stay!!). My ideas are becoming more clear for what I want for myself. I am working towards making those things happen!

In the meantime, I am planning on doing whatever I feel I need to do in the last two days of my summer vacation (I don't count the weekends!). I go back to my church job this week, so I am feeling the end of summer coming up quickly. Well, off to figure out more about my newest projects and ideas...

Happy Thursday, all!


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