Resetting in 3...2...1
For the last several weeks, I've been sick - the type of sick where nothing gets done, nothing sounds appetizing, and sleeping is absolutely necessary. I am FINALLY starting to feel better, but I am still in the "need to sleep" phase of my recovery. I'm still sleeping more than usual, but my brain is coming out of the fog.

This may not be a good thing for you all, but it is great for me!

I have not been able to think about things to write about, so my blogging process has been a bit interrupted over the past several weeks. I try to write something everyday, and when I don't post, it's because I have tried to write and nothing has been post-worthy. I've done LOTS of backspace typing over the past several weeks.

It is time for a reset.

I blog about everything and anything that occurs to me, and that means that there are good thoughts and irrelevant thoughts that come across this site. I try to write about music therapy things more than just writing about me, but this blog reflects what I am thinking about at any given time. There are times when the topic that is most concerning to me is me.

I write on specific topics on specific days. If you are interested in only learning songs or therapeutic music experiences, then make sure to look at the blog every Tuesday for TME Tuesday. I tend to be a bit more philosophical on Thursdays, and I am trying to get back into my routine of writing about my interpretation of music therapy literature on Synthesis Sundays. The other days of the week are my days to just write about whatever. So, I do.

At the moment, I have submitted my presentation proposals for the AMTA National Conference in Dallas this November. I have to finish a project of my own - target date this Sunday - so my home bullet journal is starting to fill up. Tonight's tasks? Writing to my Mom, reviewing the website, and starting to transfer information from the website to the required paperwork. I also have to get my ear drops in, take out the trash and do some laundry. Eek. The list is getting bigger and bigger. It may be too much to do this evening. So, I prioritize - laundry, Mom, and ear drops are the most important.

Tomorrow is a TME Tuesday, so I'll be thinking about what I will post. I've improvised lots lately, so maybe I'll figure out something to notate from those improvised sessions and ideas. Maybe I'll go into my archives. Maybe I'll figure out something else. I never know when I start writing where I will go.

Time to reset my focus and my writing. Starting in 3...2...1.


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