TME Tuesday: Old School Cards - Cooperative Musical Course

Every so often, I go into my card box to see the index cards that I have written over many years. Here's a beauty of a therapeutic music experience (TME) that I finally put into writing in 2008. I thought that I had made the world-changing decision to go fully digital by that time, but I guess that I still needed to physically write things out still. Maybe I only had access to cards at that time. Anyway, here are the cards in all their original glory.

The basic idea is that of an obstacle course of some sort - a way to get kids up and moving as well as to work on sensory stimulation and integration. I notice that the "What to Do" part of this TME is not really all that coordinated. I did that on purpose, I think.

I'm using this type of format for our Winter Olympic sessions this week. 

I have some activities that require motor planning and coordination. Some have cognitive aspects. Others are purely silly. Students move around the room every three-five minutes after completing as many parts of the session as possible in one minute.

I have used this format and way of getting things arranged many times over the years. It works best when there is enough space to move people around. For my students, it also seems to work best when motor tasks are alternated with academic/cognitive tasks.

Happy Tuesday!


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