Thoughtful Thursday: What is Your Superpower?

A couple of days ago, one of my friends asked her friends, 
"What is your superpower?"
That question made me stop and really think for a moment. See, I believe that everyone in the world has something positive to contribute to the greater good, so I do think that we all have specific talents, gifts, and jobs to do as a part of our small lives that will affect the lives of others outside our small circles. So, I totally believe in superpowers. It was a good thing to think about during this week of working long hours and feeling like I am falling behind on every task I have to do.

I had to stop and think about her question. What is my superpower? What do I bring to the world that no one else can contribute?

Of course, I can always use the idea of being "unique," and "one of a kind," but that seemed to be a cop-out to avoid the thought process and the questions. So, I thought.

...and thought.

...and thought.

This was a good question for this week because it got me to think about my role in this bigger world - the world of music therapy as well as the world, Earth. I know that I will never be famous or a world-wide sensation, and I am more than fine with that idea. My contribution to this world is in my interactions as music therapist.

"What is your superpower?"

Is it your singing voice? Your ability to help your clients change their emotional state? Is it your smile? Your ability to listen?

There are so many things that are part of us, part of the music therapist role, part of being human. Maybe we don't have just one superpower - maybe our ability to be good therapists and good musicians require many powers. Hmm.

My friend probably doesn't know what she started in me with that question. She may never know the train of thought that she started, but I am grateful that she asked.

Take some time in this busy week (because, I think we are all busy all the time!) to reflect on that which makes you super. There is something. Maybe it is the way you can turn a song into a meaningful experience for a family member of someone in the active dying process. Maybe it is the way you can lead an entire group of preschoolers in a learning experience, making it look effortless. Maybe it is that you can be with someone, sitting in silence, and supporting them without saying a word. Everyone has something (and we often have more than one thing).

My answer to my friend's question?

I can often remain calm during moments of panic. 

"What's your superpower?" 


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