Care of Self - Important

Self-care. It's a thing that I spend quite a bit of time thinking about, especially on days like this when I am really looking for an excuse to stay home and chill out in front of the Air Conditioning rather than going to work and have a session with a group of kids that don't like music therapy and an Air Conditioning System that can't keep up with the demand. Part of my hesitation comes from the one group that I have today that challenges me over and over again, and the rest comes from the temperature of the past two days.

It's been hot. It's been humid. It's been miserable, and add onto all of that the inability of any of us to go outside and get rid of our energy, and it's been a rough week. It is now halfway over (one of the best tools for self-care during the summer is the four-day work week!), and the heat has broken a bit. The humidity hasn't, but at least the heat is going to diminish.

So, what am I going to do for some self-care today? First of all, I'm going to work. It is the responsible thing to do since I haven't spent any time preparing to be gone. I'm not sick, I'm just hot (temperature-wise). When I get home, I'm going to figure out something that'll be a treat for me. I won't know what it will be until that time. 

Do something for yourself today. Happy self-care!


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