Do You Want to Build... Heck No!

I can honestly not remember a time when I was more tired of a song or a soundtrack than I am right now with the music from Frozen. Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the movie. I love the storyline and the thought behind it and the music was nice for a time, but I am SO tired of hearing all that music!

Like I said before, I can't remember having such a response to the music from a Disney movie before. I usually love the music and want to listen to it often, but I am really not there with the Frozen soundtrack. The songs stay in my head way too much, and I cannot get away from the music.

Anyway, I saw a sign on Pinterest (I TOTALLY blame Sarah for my Pinterest addiction now) that said, "This class has gone 0 days without singing a song from Frozen." A variation of that sign now sits on the desk of one of my current interns who, I must admit, has significantly decreased the number of times that she uses the music in her sessions. Today, the group of kids that I had requested music from the movie, and I, being a somewhat decent therapist in the moment, wanted to support their choices. Sigh.

To finish off the session, I made them listen to music from Tangled. I currently find that music less offensive than Frozen, but still not up to the standards of music from movies such as The Hunchback from Notre Dame and anything outside of the Disney genre by Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and Rachel Portman.

Maybe some time with the soundtracks from the 1984 Olympics, The Lake House, and Pirates of the Caribbean would help me purge these songs from my head!

Tomorrow is TME Tuesday. I wonder what I'll post tomorrow.

See you then!!



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