Looking for the "what ifs"

What if music therapy education was completely based on the competencies?

What if music therapy clinical training was a full-time experience for music therapy students from the first day they walked into an academic program?

What if every music therapist in the United States was a member of the American Music Therapy Association?

What if music therapy was an essential part of all mental and physical health treatment and a consistent treatment modality in the education of all kids?

What would music therapy look like then?

I love thinking about "what ifs."

There is a certain amount of "what if" thought when you are going through a session with a client. I find myself consciously (and unconsciously) thinking "what if I sped this rhythm up a bit? What would 'Q' do then?" So, I try it. I then see what happens. I evaluate and make more decisions based on more "what if" statements.

Being open to the possibilities is important in both therapy sessions and in dreaming about the future of the profession.

I get bogged down in my expectations and in my comfort zone at times. I get into routines with my clients. I think I know the answers to all the "what ifs" that come into my mind. I am comfortable in my little therapy box, and I continue in that box for a time.

Unfortunately, staying in my box is not the best thing for my clients, myself, or for my professional role in my facility and in the community. I have to continuously challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and into the world of "what ifs."

What if I sang every song in a different mode? What would happen then?

What if I didn't speak at all during sessions? What would happen then??

What if we, as music therapists, completely revised how we teach our skills to others?

What if we, as music therapists, dared to start from scratch? What would education, clinical training, and our role in human services look like then?

What if...


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