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Preparing for the Newbies...

My new interns are coming in two weeks. I have taken some time getting ready for them, and I am just about ready to start my role as supervisor again. I have spent the last 6 months getting back into the groove of being a therapist and do not want to lose that role as I become a supervisor again. The next interns will have a very different internship than the previous interns.

How to balance multiple roles?

Therapist - my preferred role in the music therapy clinic - leading sessions, developing therapeutic relationships with others, and using music to interact with others.

Supervisor/Teacher - showing others how to become the best therapist they can be.

Leading by example, cutting the apron strings, and then watching them fly away. Aah, the challenges ahead for us all.
New Year's Resolutions

It is getting close to the start of a new school year. This is generally the time that I start to make resolutions. For some reason, as a school music therapist, the school year start is always more important for making plans than the start of the calendar year. This year's resolutions are about the same as other years - move into dissertation and work hard.

I am happy to report that I made progress towards both resolutions last year.

Off to buy new school supplies...

Happy New Year!