Thursday, November 20, 2008


There are many things that I find ironic. One of them is paying $140 a night for a hotel room where we have had to call maintenance twice - once for light replacement, and once because of a bad room key, where the water pressure starts off strong and ends up with a whimper, and where the room is about as big as my back patio.

Something else that I find ironic is that the hotel has one restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. The prices, which 15 years ago I would have found EXTREMELY disconcerting, run around $20 per meal. I now consider that reasonable. Interesting. I am still not happy about the entire situation - I tend to be more thrifty than not, but I guess I have become more accustomed to the idea of paying through the nose for food at professional meetings.

I also find it ironic that folks who coordinate conferences ALL OF THE TIME do not have the logistical know-how of scheduling things so commonly-themed sessions are not scheduled at the same time. There are many different choices for a therapist interested in umbrella groupings for an increase in clinical skill development. It is difficult to make a decision about which session to attend. The other issue that I have with conference coordination concerns the level of noise present in the atmosphere. Who decides that it is a good idea to place the drumming experiential session right next to the relaxation experiential session? Who? I would like to flick that person on the nose. There could be a little bit more coordination and communication to assist in logistical planning. Oh well.

Conference is now over, and I am recovering. I enjoyed speaking to everyone. The social aspect of conference is now much more important for me than the actual presentations. That is also ironic.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Who would be a better match for me? Who would be a better match for my clients? Who would be a better match for the interns I currently supervise? Who will I accept? Who will I reject?

These are some of the decisions that I have had to make over the past four days. I am a person who typically makes decisions after weighing the pros and cons of each side, deliberating with others, and really thinking through all possibilities. Once I make the decision, whether it is about voting, sweater color, financial issues, I tend to accept that the decision has been made, and I move on. I spend as little time as possible rueing a decision that I have made.

I get uncomfortable when my decisions impact the lives of others. I prefer when my decisions are "yes you" or "not you" rather than "you, but not you." I remember getting a very curt rejection letter from my "safety" application for internship, and it stung that they did not even want to meet me or give me a chance to interview with them. (It all turned out fine, I got my first choice of internship and have been very grateful for that opportunity!) I guess I have to realize that, as an ID, I have to make my decisions and not look back.

But, my heart bleeds for the rejected applicant who will be reading my letter of rejection this week.

I wish I could have taken her as an intern as well as the two applicants that meshed better with my current plans, position, and interns.

Make the decision. Don't look back. And sincerely wish the other one her first choice of internship! (And sincerely hope that it wasn't my placement.)