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I forget how much my neighborhood changes on July 31st.
I am generally out of town, hanging out by the pool on July 31st, but this year I am at the apartment for the great exodus! The problem with being around a college town is that the population shifts. My sleepy town is starting to rev up - getting ready for the new year. I will have new neighbors in the next two weeks. If I'm lucky, they will be similar to me - quiet, hard-working, hermit-like. If not, I will have to put up with screaming children who are unsupervised by their parents! Keep you fingers crossed!!!
It has been a busy summer!

...and now it is over! I am currently in fall break, recooperating from a long summer working. It has not been a bad summer, but it has seemed long and tedious. I am ready for the fall to arrive.

Not much happening here. I am attempting to clean out the apartment and it is going slowly. I have decluttered several spots in the apartment, but the progress is slow. This is not new, but I really want to get things out of my life! We will see how long it takes to clear things out.

The summer started with a trip to CA to see Mom and Dad. Tawnya came with me as it was also a busman's holiday. We had to give an inservice for some of the most unorganized folks I have ever worked with! We arrived and found out that no one had a clue that we were supposed to be there!

I did get to spend some time on Santa Monica Beach just north of the pier. We also went to Universal Studios - lots has changed since I was there last! I highly recommend the rides - very fun!
We ended up …