Waiting for the Sunshine

I am posting later than usual (by about five hours!) because I did something that I rarely have a chance to do. I lounged around in bed and snuggled with the cat from when I awoke until just about now. I did feed the cat and gave her the medicine that she is taking at the moment, but that was all. I briefly thought about going out shopping, but I have too much stuff already that I don't use or need so why go get more just because I can?

Instead, I watched way too many episodes of The Man in the High Castle on Amazon and started thinking about a website redesign. It is time. I want to rearrange things a bit to see if I can get more traffic. Who knows, but this has been a reinforcing week for my social media efforts, so it starts me thinking about stuff.

It was nice to wait for the sun to come up this morning. It's been some time since we've had much sunshine around these parts. This sun is not very strong, but it is visible and not covered up by clouds. I will try to enjoy it and appreciate it as long as it lasts - it's supposed to be gone tomorrow for more wintry mix which will mean yet another inclement weather day next week...but I am projecting and digressing a bit. It is sunny outside.

I didn't get much accomplished on my task list this week, but I did get some things finished. I want to work on my kitchen mess today - I have been medicating the cat with tuna water, so I have a bunch of tuna that I have to cook into something. I also have some proposals to write up and to get going with, so I am turning on Pandora and will get going.

I hope that you have some sunshine in your environment today.


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