Thoughtful Thursday: I HAVE to Get the Laundry Done!

It's time to get ready for a trip into music therapy land. I look forward to this interaction (almost) every year, and it is almost time to go! In the next several days, I have lots of things to do and to cross off my to-do list. That's right - I have a trip to-do list! I'm sure that doesn't surprise many of you.

Tonight's task is laundry and packing. I have to do this a bit ahead of any trip that I take because the cat gets very suspicious. I have planned out several outfits, and I just need to get everything organized to make myself feel like I've accomplished something this week.

I found out that next week will include our annual Body Venture visit. The state department of health or something-or-other comes out with a huge display that we set up in our gymnasium and then usher all of our students through to tell them about the body. There is a theme of healthy eating and exercise throughout the body procession. I get to be the mouth. I think that's fitting (so do my parents) and so I get to talk about how much sugar is in everything that we eat. I know the script almost by heart after running it for about five years now. So, that means that music therapy services will be cancelled on Wednesday.

I've announced a giveaway here on this blog - the first three people who find me at conference and tell me that they read my blog will get a copy of sing about winter and everyone else will get a coupon for 20% off that edition, so find me! I made the insides of the book today, and I'll make the covers and assemble the books themselves this evening.

I have to coordinate my Song Conversion Sunday post for this Sunday. The song I selected at random, I Don't Want To Wait, by Paula Cole, has been running through my head pretty much non-stop (except when it has been supplanted by songs by my interns). I will also be prepping my presentation and website for disseminating information to folks who attend AMTA.

The excitement is mounting for me. I hope it is for you as well.

... I really do need to get that laundry finished!


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