One Foot in Front of the Other

Energy level: Low
Interest in Getting Things Done: Low
List of Things that HAVE to be Done: Getting longer every moment
Weather: Raining

Today is going to be a day of trying to catch up with some tasks that I need to do like grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen, making meals for next week, and trying to capture a video idea that I have developed over the past several days for a series of short, student-focused videos. I have one done (I did it a very long time ago), and I think I am ready to make some more, but I want to do some fancy stuff first. I think I've figured out how to do the fancy stuff - maybe - and I'm going to do some experimentation today. First, though, I have to get myself out the door into the wet world outside.

I have to go get some stuff for the Halloween door decorating contest at work. The interns have expanded our original idea every day since we started with our idea, so I have to go get the final parts of our plan - THERE WILL BE NO MORE ADDITIONS! - in order to get things finished by next Friday. Today's task is a trip to the Dollar Tree to get some LED lights, some butcher paper, some foam boards, some tablecloths, some paper plates, and some more tape. We already have the interactive portion of our door ready to be attached, so all we have to do is to finish making the various elements and then attach them all to the door, alcove, hallway, and any other place that the interns decide. I found a good quote that pulls our door concept together, so I'll be designing some lettering for that header - something I love to do.

Last year's door was pretty fun, but I had to do the entire thing by myself. This year, the door decoration process was a bit easier because I had six hands to manipulate the paper. Right now, our door is just covered with brown paper bag paper, but it will be transformed pretty quickly once I get myself to the Dollar Tree. Enough talk - time to get going into the wet world outside. Dollar Tree and then grocery shopping (I'm taking my coins to be counted as well).

One foot in front of the other. That's the way to get going on this day, so that's what I am going to do.


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