My Habit Tracker - Bullet Journal Stuff

I have a place on my weekly task list that encourages me to complete specific tasks. In the bullet journal world, this type of place is called a habit tracker. Mine is not really as complex as those I see on YouTube and Pinterest, but it is working for me, and that is what matters most of all.; 
It is color-coded (of course - my entire life is color-coded!), and is also task-specific so I can keep track easily. I have eight habits that I am working on - some are easy to do daily - others are reminders of what I should (goblin!) be doing with my life. These are also my goals for this year - to exercise more, eat better, focus on happiness, make things, clear things out, and save some money. Every morning, I fill out the column for the day before, and it is interesting to see what happens when.

This is something I am doing just for me, but I find that it is helping me to organize my time as well as remind me of my ideal way of doing things here at home.

So, how does this translate into music therapy? 

Not much, but by being a more organized me, I find that I am a more organized music therapist as well. I am working on establishing a work-based habit tracker for myself - one that can be easily changed when I need to change it due to circumstances with session leadership and intern supervision. The one I have at home can be easy to finalize, but work is a different story.

Still, I do have work habits that I want to firmly establish.

Documentation does not have to be placed on the list. I know that there are legal and ethical expectations for documentation, so it is something that always goes to the top of my to-do list. 

There are things that I want to make habitual, though. I want to spend some time everyday writing new music. I want to use the resources that I have available to increase my repertoire. These are things I can place on a habit tracker. I'd also like to spend some time in mindful reflection and journaling - another thing for my work habit tracker.

I will set this up in my (as of late) oft-neglected session strategy book. I have less session responsibilities and more supervision responsibilities these days, so my session strategy book is really empty these days. I can use the empty columns in my book to work on these habits, I guess...

Off I go to the world of watching others do the job I love. Ah, the life of an internship director and supervising music therapist.

Happy Monday!


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