Stress Manifests in Interesting Ways

My mother arrived at my living space yesterday - a surprise type visit (I knew it was coming a bit over a month ago - very impulsive for us to make plans in only a couple of weeks) especially since I've lived here for 23 years and this is only the second time she's come to visit me - the first was when I had surgery. This is a "just because" visit as far as I know, and now that it's happening, I'm happy to see her. The living space is not "Mom clean," but it is functional, and I am going to work around her rather than just sit and watch everything she does. Bella-cat is adjusting to sharing a living space and is absolutely DYING to get into the room that is currently off-limits (because of the inflatable bed) but is enjoying the good g'ma attention and rubs behind the ears.

She's a pretty easy house guest. She is looking forward to going through my extensive library of fiction and through my craft books and supplies. I figure she'll be easy to entertain because we are pretty similar when it comes to finding things to do. Neither of us has a pressing urge to be busy all the time, but I have some plans up my sleeve for trips when we are ready for them. Today's great adventure is grocery shopping for the week.

Me? I'm falling to pieces. I overdid on Sunday and ended up having to wear my knee brace on Monday because I was in such a state. Yesterday, my sister called just as my visual migraine sparkles happened. My sister, by the way, was ditching a voluntary training because she had strep. She talked me through my visual migraine process (about an hour of impaired vision) and then eased me into the actual migraine itself. I was able to scrounge enough medication to keep the headache to a dull roar, until this morning when it woke me from a sound sleep. I believe my body is telling me that I am stressed out, and it wants me to just chill for a bit.

I am not accustomed to sharing my space with another human, and this is stress-inducing. I want my mother to be comfortable (and all I have available is a deluxe, queen-sized air bed), and this is also stress-inducing. I live in a mess, and this is stress-inducing. My entire time off so far as been full of being nervous, pushing myself to the point where I should be pushing myself all along, and reaping the fruits of my labor. Granted, my kitchen is pretty clean, and the guest bathroom is livable, but I'm not sure that my body can keep up. Once I get through with this visit and this process, it may be time for someone to help me stay clean and somewhat organized. That would add a bit of different stress to my existence, but it would take away others.

The dawn is happening now, Mom is sleeping in the guest room, I'm trying to keep the cat from scratching at the door, and my headache continues. I've taken my medications to help with my stress and my migraine process, and I'll be figuring out how to get some rest while being a host. In the meantime, I'll spend some time waiting for Mom to wake up and get going. I'll give Bella-cat some extra snuggles, and I will also practice some self-care. After all that, who knows?


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