Thoughtful Thursday: Music

I have been spending the week doing some strategic planning and finishing some goals. This has been a good week for me - I published a file on Teachers Pay Teachers and got confirmation that I can start my Composition and Creativity CMTE course this month. I've also come up with a new TME subscription idea and have started on all that planning and development. I have also made my front closet into an instrument and music therapy materials closet while rearranging my bookshelves to accommodate the other stuff in the living room. All in all, it's been a good week.

One thing that you may find missing in my good week is music. I've been writing songs, drawing things, making plans, but I haven't been listening to much music. In fact, other than singing hymns on Sunday, singing a Sprite-induced song on my sister's answering machine, and one brief use of the ukulele when I was composing a new song, I haven't made any music at all. 

I can feel the music building up behind my soft palate.

For the moment, I may use my recording software to capture any music that arrives. I might find myself composing new songs or setting down old songs into a fixed format. I may let the music start and then go into the ether without trying to make it permanent. It seems like time to do some music just for me.

It's hard to describe my relationship with music to other people, even music therapists. I don't spend much time listening to music outside of music therapy sessions. I get most of my music from interactions with clients, and I'm fine with that. Other music therapists find a need to make their own music outside of the session, but I don't often have that need. It has taken me a long time to realize that I don't have to be as involved in music as others - that what I do for myself is what is best for me.

I may do some singing today. I may play the melodica, the ukulele, or the keyboard. I may not. I do know that I will be engaged with the music in some way today. It's time, and I am ready.


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