There's Just Too Much

I am currently sitting here, stewing in guilt about vacation plans that my family is pressuring me to take that I don't want to do at all, looking at a big mess - my living area. This is part of why I don't want to do the things that my parents are trying to arrange for my next break, but not all of it. Oh dear, can't get bogged down in those thoughts. Anyway, I am surrounded by too much stuff for the square footage that I have, and I have to get rid of some of

At this point, I am too overwhelmed to be doing much good, but I have to just knuckle down and do it. It is time.

I am going to start with the hallway closet. There are things in there that haven't been out of that closet since I moved in. Time to toss them and donate them. I want to put most of my musical instruments and music therapy materials in that closet, but I have to clean it completely out first. Once that is finished, I'll have space on bookshelves for other things. That's the plan, at least.

Time to start my 30 on/30 off routine. Armed with trash bags, boxes, tape, the vacuum cleaner, the steam cleaner, and Clorox wipes, I will dive into the wilds of the hallway closet to emerge a better person with a bit more function in my living area. 

My intention for today is to take everything out, clean the surfaces, sort through everything, throw stuff away, rearrange things a bit, go get some shelving (if I need it), put new stuff in the area, and then reflect on a job well done. Once that is finished? On to the hallway!!

I find my current state of living to be a good reflection of how I approach almost everything in my life - my music therapy thoughts and ideas, my personal life - there is just too much to do, to think about, to feel guilty about doing or not doing. There's just too much.

It's time to change some of this into productive work and organization.

Time to start.


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