Shopping Spree

I went on an early evening shopping spree yesterday while I was waiting to go to my movie. I went to both Michaels (birthday coupon) and to Five Below (new store in my area). I also dropped by Hobby Lobby, but I didn't purchase anything at that store (HIGHLY unusual!).

I don't often go on spontaneous shopping sprees (except at the Dollar Tree - I go there all the time on whims). This was unusual for me, but somehow very satisfying at the same time. (For the record, I only spent about $60 on my spree, but that's lots when you are used to pinching pennies!) My spree haul included a new paper cutting board, some blades for the cutting board, rolls of Washi tape, some small star boxes, four Melodicas, two electric guitar toys, and four small word sentiment stamps. I have some plans for these things, and I am getting ready to start working on these plans.

First, though, I need to purge. I thinned out my former intern files yesterday. I threw away everything from my tenure in the AMTA Association Internship Approval Committee as well. I have an entire file drawer that I can fill with something else now! Today I will purge all the old software that I purchased years and years ago that no longer works in today's computer systems. I'm not going to try to recycle those things - apparently my curbside recycling program won't process that type of plastic. Off they go.

Once I've finished my file cabinet and desk clear out, I will be going to Home Depot to purchase some hollow doors to make new desk surfaces. I want to convert my desk area into something that is functional and ready for both writing and making file folder activities. I need a place to keep my laminator and binding machines handy. I also want a place where I can keep my office supplies within reach. I am going to repurpose my bookshelves so I can store things that I need for both of those projects. I am also going to throw away the last pieces of the entertainment center that I purchased 25 years ago that shook apart in the move 22 years ago. Those two pieces have been my desktop for all these years, but it is time to get rid of them.

This part of the process is always the most difficult for me. Getting rid of things that I have, but don't use. It should be pretty easy, but I don't get rid of things easily. I can see several things right now that I haven't touched in years that are still sitting there. They need to go. Time to let go of things. Time to finish projects that are halfway done. Time to reorganize and make things a bit more functional for my life right now.

Okay - starting the donate, toss, and use piles now. I will be taking a load of confidential paperwork to my local UPS store for recycling. I will try to fill up at least one donation bag, one trash bag, and one recycling bag per day for the next several days. I will scan things and then toss them out. If I haven't used it in the past year, I will (gulp) get rid of it. It's past time to do this. It really is.

There may be another shopping spree in my future - for things like Command hooks, storage containers, and various and sundry other items - but not until I have cleared things out a bit.


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