Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

I am in a tirade mood this morning. Nothing is really working as a blog post - everything is just turning into a rant. Since that is the case, I think I'll stop trying to write something and just put in a bunch of pictures that make me feel happy. All of these pictures are my own, and none of them include client information or anything that belongs to someone else.
La Brea Tar Pits
The Beach

This Face!

My Favorite Tree

The River

Making File Folder Activities

Drawing Mandalas

Outside Meteor Crater

Kansas Skies

Star Wars and Chocolate

Again, this Face!

The Beach Near Sunset

The Beach at Sunset

Chicken Chimichangas with Rice and Beans at La Paloma

The Mountains at Home

Making Lots of Things for MTs

Learning to Draw

Thinking About Things in a Different Way
I may be in a better writing mode tomorrow. We shall see. I'm going to try staying upright today - that's my goal. See you tomorrow?


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