Thoughtful Thursday: Seeking Motivation

I am sitting here, at my computer, watching Father Brown on Netflix, and striving to find something to write about. It is Thursday, and I have managed to make it to work every single day this week (first time in about three weeks that I've accomplished this feat), and I am exhausted beyond belief. I have enough energy for my five sessions today, but I'm not sure that I'll do much this afternoon when I get home.

I saw a post on one of my social media feeds about a lack of motivation. I can relate to that on so many levels. This person wanted suggestions about how to find motivation in a current slump. I can relate to that on so many levels as well. 

I am currently recovering from a phase of "severe lack of motivation." My thought is that most of this lack has been actually caused by my recent illness, but there are other things out there that are affecting my motivation as well. I'm glad to be on the recovery side of this phase because I really do not like having this condition.

What do you do when you are not motivated to do much of anything?

I find that I sleep. 

After I get the sleep I need, I start to write. I draw charts, doodles, diagrams, and try to find some thoughts into what I can do that will motivate me to something new and something that provides me with some sort of challenge. Writing is how I find my motivation to move towards different ideas.

I also play with things. I have lots of toys at my house that I use for inspiration (and play). I play with things and then I think about how my clients would use the toys. Sometimes I come up with some fascinating therapeutic music experiences (TMEs). Sometimes I do not - I just play.

I look for inspiration in the online world. I am in search of a blog that offers good information on a regular basis. I have found so many blog posts that have shown promise, but the blog stopped after only one or two posts. I keep looking. I also go to Pinterest (Sarah, my former intern, got me addicted to that site). That site is both valuable to me and a major time suck! I love looking at things, but I get so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of images that are on that site! If I have a couple of hours to sit in front of the computer, I go to Pinterest. Those hours are often wasted, but I do get some inspiration for making things or writing TMEs or practicing my various instruments.

I look over my TME file to see what I have and what I haven't used in sessions for some time.

Those are the places where I find some motivation to keep going, even when my job situation is not the most perfect and my energy meter is past zero. 

Today's major motivation? Getting home for an early night's sleep!


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