I just spent some time on the CBMT website, getting my recertification process underway. (If you don't know what the CBMT website is, then PLEASE click the link to find out more about board certification and what we music therapists have to do in order to continue to be music therapists!)

I sat down with my vita, my certificates, and my presentation powerpoints and put in all of my activities. I have never had a problem finding things to use for my 100 hours of activities, and I always have things that I could put on my credits that I don't because I don't need to do so. I take advantage of free courses at conferences, I write my own songbooks, so I get lots of possible credits there (didn't have to use any this time around), and I present all the time. I also do service for several music therapy organizations. I attend conferences and have made training for myself outside the world of music therapy a priority for myself during the next five years.

This is the first time that I have had to do the entire recertification process online. It was quick and easy.

I also paid my maintenance fee - another thing that I enjoy doing online.

When I was an undergraduate, we talked quite a bit about being a CBMT member, but the conversation really stopped once we got to the certification examination. No one ever mentioned a maintenance fee to remain in good standing. That bill was a bit of a surprise to a brand-new music therapist who was earning minimum wage. I'm now used to it, but I try to let others know about that fee at every opportunity. Many of the interns and students that I talk to are also unaware of the annual fee. 

Here it is, in plain English.

You have to pay to take the examination.

You also have to pay an annual maintenance fee. Currently it is $80.00 per year.

You also have to pay to take most Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) courses, but there are many ways to get CMTEs without paying direct fees.
I have found many ways to avoid paying for lots of CMTEs over the years. My friend, Janice, has written about ways to recertify for free. Check out this blog post, How To Recertify Without Spending a Dime! It can be done - I've done it!

My school district will start to hound me about my certification expiration date at the beginning of the next school year. They will have to wait until I get my actual certificate in late December. They don't wait patiently, but they have to do so because my certification does not expire until December 31, 2018. This is the completion of my fifth certification cycle, and I am excited about starting the sixth!

Good luck with your own certification cycle!


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