Forever Goals and Tasks

I am rearranging my music library yet again. This is a seemingly never-ending task that seems to just keep on going and going no matter how much I work on it. I've noticed that there are many tasks in my life that are like this one - never-ending.

One of my friends stated recently that she felt that she had to revise her employee policies after every two therapists that she hired. Never-ending task. I find that my policies and assignments and ways of being a supervisor change with each intern. I make it a point to sit down and think about what has gone right and what has been challenging during each intern's time with me. I adjust what needs to be adjusted and then I go into the next intern's training with some new ideas.

For me, music therapy organization is a never-ending task.

I have a system that works for me pretty well, at the moment. I use different categories and colors to help me organize. For example, at the moment, I have a box full of typical pediatric rhythm instruments - shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, jingle bells, and triangles. I have another box of the more unique instruments, kokiriko, wooden eggs, virbraslap, woodblocks, and the like. I have a box for the plastic toy instruments and boxes for other instruments as well. While this organization system is working for me now, I am always on the look out for the elusive better way.

When you think about it, we music therapists have lots of things to organize. The number of instruments alone can be staggering when you think about them. Then, think about the music - sheet and recordings. There are props, materials, visual aids - lots of stuff. No wonder organizing a music therapy storage space can be so daunting! (Add in a somewhat unhealthy bent towards hoarding, and you can see some of my dilemma. I have way too much stuff!)

I lean towards visual organization systems. This is why I like my bullet journals, my color-coding for my file folders, and my labels. The process of figuring out how to organize my stuff, however, has been a never-ending process. There is always something more to incorporate.

My music library is currently contained within iTunes (I know, but my facility bought an iPod, so I have to use iThings to organize.) Things go missing from my library on a regular basis. I don't have them when I need them, so I head back into the library to organize and rearrange a bit.

One day I will make a database of all the sheet music that I have, but that is a task for a time when I am completely and truly lacking in anything else to do. Never-ending process.

I'm going to spend some time today organizing my office at work. I have three hours of behavior management recertification training to do, and then I'll try to corral the stuff that I keep in my office for use with students. First though, I have to catch up on my documentation - I have ten sessions to document. So, the quest for music therapy office organization will go in the following manner - documentation, recertification, peer supervision, more documentation (if I need the time), organization time, going home to sleep! I'll use my tricks to keep myself organized - color and categorization.

Happy Friday.


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